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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  December 26, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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for me, it's increble. everybody can -- can try and be happy y re -- very, very happy. >> get the power pressure cooker xl right now and start enjoying fast, healthy, mouthwatering meals at home. jukt look at all the amang food we've made. this is enough t tfeed a hungry crew, and i mean any hungry crew. what do you guys think? >> great! >> yeah! >> announcer: coming up... we'll show you how to replace your rice cooker, cook time-intensive foods, like rice a a chicken or this low country seafafd boil, in as little as 15 minutes. stay tuned. call now and bring the power pressure cooker xl into your home -- not for $500, $300, or even $200. get ititirect from the factory for just 4 payments of $33.33. but there's more -- we'll also include the power pressure xl cookbook. discover big, hearty mouthwatering meals you can make in no time. plus, you'll get the exclusive power pressure xl cannnng guide. can your favorite fruits and vegetables. make jams, hearty soups, even meat dishes free of preservatives, with no harmful additives. and be one of the first
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include this instantnt power chopper absolutely free! chop and dice vegetables, garlic, and herbs. perfect to use with your all-new power xl recipes. but wait! as part of our special factory direct-to-you offer, we'll knock off one payment. you get the versatile power pressure cooker xl, the power pressure cookbook, the canning guide, and the amazing power chopper, all for 3 payments of just $33.33. thatat over $100 in savingngif you call or go online right now. and here's our guarantee -- if you don't absolutely love it, send it back -- no questions asked, but keep the power chopper as our free e ft, sisily for trying the power pressure cooker xl. this incredible offer will end without notice, so call or click today. >> you know, denise, now you're gonna find out why i call this the ultimate one pot cooking miracle -- 'cause we can ck me... >> ooh.
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look at that. >> yummy! so delicious. took at this. >> [ laughs ] >> now, wait. >> look at all that food. >> i can't even get all the e od the platter. now, we are talking about foods cooking all together, right? >> ooh, how fresh. >> how about chicken, rice, and occoli and all that nderful flavor in one pot? you know what? >> oh! >> it's one touch of one button. >> yes. >> and you're gonna have unbelievable, delicious results. >> 'cause rice is tough sometimes. >> rice is tough. you know, i'glad you said that because, in the power r essure cooker, it's the best rice cooker you're gonna get. >> look at that. >> guess how long this rice took. >> fluffy -- i mean, like -- i don't know -- 15, 20? >> 6 minutes. >> no way. >> look at this. feelelhat texture. >> ah! >> that's the way rice is supposed to be. >> it's nice. it's not clumpy or stuck together. >> that's right. and you know, denise, you said it before -- rice is tough, but we took all the guesswork out of it. we have one setting, one-touch button for whiteteice, one touch for brown rice, and one touch for wild rice.
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so, we can't talk about all of chili. it's really hard, so pay attention. so, first what i didids i put the meat in, put it on sear mode, and i'm searing my meat with my tomatoes. now...look how hard this is. i'm gonna put my ingredients into the pot. >> [ laughs ] that's not hard at all. lid on. okay. so, i put the lid on. and then i touch one button... [ beeps ] ...and 20 minutes later -- iet me show you what chili looks like when it's power cooked. >> love the one-button touch. that's gorgeous! >> look at that! so, not only do we have a huge bounty of chili, 'cause we have 6 quarts... >> [ gasps ] >> ...but it's infused with flavor. look at the beans. look at the meat. >> b butiful ingredients. >> look at the tomato sauce. >> oh, yum. >> that is the way to eat chili. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. let me do this right. >> and just remember -- i did it >> oh, wow. >> ...with the touch of one button. >> wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. off for me when it's done... >> yeah. >> ...and goes to a warming cycle, so that's ready for you when you're ready to eat it. >> this looks amazing.
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>> is that crazy good? >hat is good. that's what chili's'sike when you power cook it. >> mmm. >> you infuse it with flavor. you pound it with flavor. >> mmm. incredible, baby. incredible. >> i was really excited about getting the power pressure cooker. the ease of it is so good. the capacity is phenomenal. [ beeps ] i can cook for my family of five, or i can have 8 pounds of wings done in 20 minutes f a party. i i n really do everything in the power pressure cooker, and i really don't need anything else. it's really the be-all and end-all of cooking in my kitchen. >> denise, we've cooked all kinds of food today, but there's covered yet. >> what's that? >> ha! >> boom. >> my favorite! face or what? >> you bet it does. >> look at these beautiful >> oh, gorgeous lobsters. >> oh, man. ooh. perfectly cooked. >> one, two. >> keep it coming. keep it coming. >>8three. >> h@re we go. four. >> [ gasps ] >> [ lauauing ] five, yes. >> that's crazy. >> i got five lobsters in there.
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more amazing than five lobsters is i cooked five lobsters in 5 minutes with the touch of one button. how about ng crab legs? >> oh, man! >> you know what? no more rubbery seafood. we cooked these king crab legs in 2 to 3 minutes, and look at the result. >> oh, man! >> take a look at that meat. >> gorgeous. >> that's the way crab wasaseant to be eaten... >> yeah. >> ...not rubbery, not dry -- just done in a couple of minutes. >> yeah. and if i'm spending that kind of money on seafood, i really want it to be perfect. >> all right, here's one of my favorite dishes... >> [ gasps ] >> ...low cocotry boil. >> how pretty is that? >> you know what? down south, they make this all the time, but it takes hours. >> wow. >> now, take a look at the bounty of food that comes out of this pot. ready? are you -- look at this. >> that is so pretty. >> is that absolutely beautiful? we have the corn and the mussels and the potatoes and the all in 15 minutes. >> something in there for everybody. >> yeah, yououot that right. but you know what, denise? there's no way i'm gonna talk about pressure cooking without talking about my grandma's meatballs. >> oh, wow!
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toil in the kitchen for hours to make these.. i cooked them in 15 minutes. >> really? >> yeah, under pressure. look at the results that i got. i had 100 meatballs in here -- look at that. >> that's a lot of meatballs. >> that is a lot of meatballs, and you know what? i'm sorry to say... >> beautiful. >> ...gram, i cooked them under pressure, and they actually taste better. >> you know what, eric? with all that we've made today, and all of it's not just% delicious, but it's so simple -- know that the power pressure c cker xl is something that i'm gonna rely on to make fast and healthy meals every single day. i mean, look at the incredible variety of food we've made today -- tender, fall off the bone meats, like pot roast, ribsand shredded pork... whole chickens and wings that went from frozen to fabulous in minutes... incredible one pot meals, like mexican chicken and rice, beans, stroganoff, and -- what was that? -- osso... >> [ chuckles ] osso buco.o. >> ...osso buco. i mean, even seafood, rice, chili, pasta, and canned food -- we can enjoy this all year long. >> you know what, denise? it's time to update your kitchen with the power pressure cookekexl.
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enjoy healthier, more flavorful food that you cooked yourself with the simple touch of a button. meats in minutes instead of hours. forget about ordering takeout -- it's full of preservatives, and packaged foods are loaded with salt. cook at home. cook forourself. cook for your family. get your power pressure cooker xl and alalthe recipes that go o th it. it's all you need to feed the hungriest gorillas in your house. >> this is incredible. [ laughs ] >> announcer: introducing the power pressure cooker xl, the amazing push-button kitchen miracle that lets you prepare that succulent, perfectly cooked family roast in 25 minutes... or a pot full of mouthwatering meatballs in 15 minutes... or how about a classic homemade lasagna, oozing with cheese in 20 minutes? this is power cooking. the cret is power pressure cooker's air-tight lid that locks into place, trapping superheatedd steam inside. the hyper pressurized
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moisture into your food, lockink in intense flavor and nutrients. and thanks to power pressure cooker's on-board intelligent technology, your food cooks fast and to your exact specifications for the best-tasting meals ever. imagine the tenderest, most savory fall off the bone riby 10 times faster. and what a capacity! you'll feed d small army. insanely tender and flavorful chicken wings from frozen to steaming in just 10 minutes. a gourmet seafood feast in 15 minutes. hearty, homemade chunky soups in under 10 minutes. choose from one-touch push-button settings for meats, fish and vegetables, beans, rice, soups or stews. do your stmed vegetables look like this -- soft and overcooked? wouldn't you rathehehave this -- crisp al dente vegetables loaded with nutrients, done in 2 minutes? a tenderhredded pulled pork, cooked%to perfection 10 times faster. or cook dry pasta right out of the box in its own sauce without having to boil water -- table
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perfect rice -- white, brown, or wild -- in as little as 6 minutes. tasty one pot chili ready to serve in 20 minutes. the power pressure cooker xl's incredible 6-quart capacity allows you to cook hearty, fill-up-your-plate meals that more. and look -- totoh a button to set that delay timer and eat when you want to. even use the power pressure cooker xl for canning -- perfect for frus, vegetablfs, meats, and more. meets usda standards for canning. and cleanup is a breeze. just drop the removable insert into the dishwasher. the power pressure cooker xl is the one button, one pokitchen miracle that makes delicious homemade meals everyone will enjoy. you could spend thousands of dollars on appliances and still not get the results you can with the power pressure cooker xl. call now and bring the power pressure cooker xl into your home -- not for500, $300, or even $200. get it direct from the factory for just 4 payments of $33.33. but there's more -- we'll also include the power pressure xl cookbook. discover big, hearty mouthwatering meals you can make
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plpl, you'll get the excxcsive power pressure xl canning guide. can your favorite fruits and vegetables. make jams, hearty soups, even meat dishes free of preservatives, with no haraful additives. and be one of the firstt 500 callers, a a we'll also include this instant power chopper absolutely free! chop and dice vegetables, garlic, and herbs. perfect to use with your all-new power xl recipes. but wait! as part of our special factory direct-to-you offer, we'll knock off one payment. you get the versatile power pressure cooker xl, the power pressure cookbook, the canning guidi, and the amazing power chopper, all for 3 payments of just $33.33. that's over $100 in savings if you call or go online right now. and here's our guarantee -- if you don't absolutely love it, send it back -- no questions asked, but keep the power chopper as oururree gift, simply for trying the power pressure cooker xl. this incredible offer will end
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today. the preceding was a paid presentation for the power pressure cooker xl,
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pow." i don't think you would feel nearly thehe adrenaline rush that you feel when people come in in high gear with things that look like rifles. >> we try to get them in there fiting and make them at least understand if that's where you would find yourself, then you need to be able to do it and you're capable of doing it. >> reporter: preparing people for the worst-case scenario.
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washington. >> axelrod: a rescucu operation is undnd way to save endangered sea turtles. and sittin' on the dock of the bay watching big ben roll in when the cbs evening news continues. now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium lel protection. dave, i'm sorry to interrupt. i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil severe the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, cougng, aching,
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it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomachhere it belongs. for fast-ting, long-lasting try gaviscon >> axelrod: as we reported earlier, heading into this last full week of 2015, many parts of the northeast are still waiting for their first blast of winter weather. but on cape cod, the temperatures have been a blessing for the folks working to save endanred sea turtltl. here's jericka duncan. >> reporter: every year around this time, volunteers work from sunup to sundown to save the endangered kemp's ridley turtle. ter spending the summer onn cape cod, they struggle to find their way out of the frigid waters in december. cape cod bay's hook-shaped geography makes it eve more difficult for the kemp's ridley to escapap
5:46 pm
1200 trapped sea turtles along the shores. rescuers packed the living ones into thesemall banananoxes and rushed them to marine hospitals across the country where they were numbered, diagnosed, and treated. a year ago, more than half of these turtles were dead when they washed ashore because the water was so cold. connie merigo, who spoke with us then, is director of the sea turtle hospital at the new england aquarium. >> when they come here, a lot of these turtles are so cold that their heartbeat is somewhere around one, two, three, four boots a minute. >> reporter: but officials with the massachusetts audubon society say this yea the sea surface temperature cape cod bay is the warmest it's ever been. bob prescott, who has been rescuing turtles for more than 30 years, says the kemp's ridley are getting comfortable in the bay. >> water temperature being very, very warm late in the season keeps them here longer.
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pulse of turtles, 80% to 90% of those turtles werstill alive, which is j jt unheard of for december. >> reporter: a december to remember for the volunteers who are expected to save more of the endangered species and return them to where they belong. jericka dcan, cbs news, new york. >> axelrod: up nthe community that's putting the cart before the horse-- power. powerful relief of couou, sore throat, stufuf nose and fever. new robitussin cf max severe. because it's never just a cough. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! ly from tums good news. you're down with crestor. alright! now there's a way you can get crestor for $3. adding crestor, along with diet, lowers bad cholesterol.
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vehicles. while i'd like to say these are not your grandfather's golf cartes, as davidd begnaud reports, the fact is, they are. >> reporter: you own two. >> own two golf carts. >> reporter: one for you, one for your wife? >> no, one for me go golfing in and one foror me to take herer out to dinner and to take her shopping. >> reporter: after retiring to the villages in florida, gary search didn't have toearch very far for the right ride. they're all over. this community caters to folks like search-- 55 and older. it is crawling with low-speed electric vehicles. ca. for people who have never been here, this is quite the sight. >> with over 60,000 golf carts in the villages, it's a major form of transportation. >> reporter: his tricked out candy apple red california roadster looks more like a hotrod and has safety features, too. and this is legal on the road. >> it's legal because it has a license plate on it. >> reporter: are they strict
5:51 pm
golf carts arovnd here? >> they are for safety reasons becausus when you'ree driving a typical golf carte at those speeds with the break system it's not safe forhem, this car has disk brakes on all four tires. >> reporter: according to the sumter county sheriff's office, over the past eight years, 16 people in the villages riding riding in golf carts have been killed in roadccidents. almost all of them were not wearing seat belts and were ejected. >> we used to have two cars and one cart, and now we have two rts and one car >> reporter: tim bought his first strtrt legal six years ago. in terms of insurance, this falls under your home insurance. >> no you have to register it just like a car and get insurance. >> reporter: car insurance and seat belts are required. the maximum speed limits 25 miles per hour. does it feel any less safe? >> on occasion it does. i mean, you have to be more aware when you're on the roads, because, obviously we're a smaller vehicle, and c cs think
5:52 pm
they think that you're slower and try to beat you through intersections. low-speed vehicles are on the fast track to being allowed on the city streets in los angeles and new york, where politicians believe the future is slower, and at least in florida, cooler, too. david begnaud, cbs news, the villages, florida. >> a alrod: today at the port of los angeles, a giant arrived. its name the "benjamin franklin "and it's the largest2container ship ever to dock in north america. the "frank is longer than the empire state building, wider than an olympic swimming pool. just ahead, her call to arms was a hug. we remember the hug lady of fort hood. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or ur money back. take the z ztac it challenge. it's here, the first gummy multivitamin...
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try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. >> axelrod: we close tonight at fort hood, texas, where troops are remembering aery special woman named elizabeth laird and the power of her hugs. >> she was a wonderful, wonderful lady. >> reporte "she" was the beloved hug lady, and for t t last dozen years, elizabeth laird was there for them with open arms. more than half a million of them, actually, soldiers from fort hoooo anxiously heading off to war and some with the deepest
5:56 pm
>> she meant a lot to a lot of us, and she had a wonderful, wonderful l pact on everybody that she had met. >> reporter: last month, when word got out that elizabeth was losing her long battle with breast cancer, the troops made it their mission to return the hugs and to thank the 84-year-old air force veteran for her service. former president george w. bush sent h%r a letter. >> we are a fortunana nation to have men and women who fact fies for our freedom. thank you for all of you have done at fort hood. >> axelrod: last tuesd, elizabeth was honored with a big award for her devotion to the troopsps two days later, on christmas eve, she passed away. >> she was a smiling face, you know, in a time@ where people could have possibly been afraid. >> axelrod: elizabeth laird, whwhmade the world better with her hugs, would have been 84 next month.
5:57 pm
rename the fort hood deployment center innemory of elizabeth laird. and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. later on cbs, "48 hours." for now, i'm jim axelrod in new york, and for a of us hered at cbs news, thanks for jning us. and goodod night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by mediaccess group at wgbh cbs 2 news, rosy traditionwhy a local hawkeye fan's annual trip to pasadena means more to him that just making it tothe game. plus ...more violence in chicagothe latest deadly police shooting, and the familiar outcry, from family
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less than a week now until the hawkeyes battle it out in the rose bowl, but before the big game, comes a big parade. all those beautiful floats will go rolling down colorado boulevard on new years day - and one float in this year's rose parade will feature the art of one eastern iowa florist. 2 news reporter steffi lee is re to tell us why it's extra special for the florist this year. we had a chance to speak with laurel hollopeter before he puts his floral arranging skills to work in sunny california. california.he starts decorating the floats with thouounds of roses tomorrow. every year - he works until the last minute to make sure the floats are picture perfect for new year's a floral manager for the iowa city hyvef - he's used to crafting beautiful arrangements for the hawkeyes. he's also a lifelong fan. that's why this rose bowl is all the more meaningful - he'll get to cheer on his favorite team as he carries on his trition. "this is the ultimate trip -
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